About service after sales, what every customer cares the most is real efficiency to solve problems from the source in the shortest time. Here, we Rottweil do not speak in a bureaucratic tone, as the sales team, the brand image is extremely treasured. And services play very important role in the whole sales system. Our company is willing to spend great effort to provide the best service, we put the service in action to make customer experience “For customers” is not just a verbal commitment.

One to one
3d直选100%中奖绝技The well trained service team of Rottweil was spread over different sales network and service center. We value the user-experience, for every customer, we will assign an engineer responsible for the services that we call “one to one”. So that you can find the right person at the first time to make you no worries.

From now to future, Rottweil will always seize “sincere” the core service philosophy. We will take on every trouble at the first time to avoid any complaint from customer. Only customer feel “ease” the service is good served. Leave all the troubles to us, we will offer you the most sincere attitude, full of carefulness and patience to let you “ease”.

3d直选100%中奖绝技Trust your choice, trust Rottweil!

inkjet printer service


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