Daily Chemical

      Beautiful packaging is the most touching promotional 
tool to attract customer’s eyes, if printed with clear 
production information will be more able to get customer’s 
trust. Rottweil coding solutions are widely used in daily 
chemical product lines, including bottles, glass packaging, 
paper packaging, from primary packaging to outer packaging, 
and to bulk packaging, served various company including 
Unilever and other world's top 500 company. According to 
the different packaging material and shape, Rottweil inkjet 
printer was specifically designed. From simple printing 
production date, expiry date, batch number to printing 
barcodes, matrix barcodes, all the demands of traceable 
3d直选100%中奖绝技coding can be satisfied.

Rottweil Inkjet Printer,Inkjet Printer

Product advantage:




Capable of printing:

3d直选100%中奖绝技 2-4 lines


Printing text:

3d直选100%中奖绝技 Production date、expiry date、batch number、conformity certificate、special graphics, etc


For material:

Paper packaging、plastic bag、aluminum foil, etc



Cosmetic、daily necessities 、cleaning products, etc



Accurate encoding for tiny area

Quick-drying ink, clear printing of letters and number

3d直选100%中奖绝技 Dual-core CPU, no downtime, no production effecting

The core technology from Germany, the performance is stable and reliable

3d直选100%中奖绝技 More savable of consumables, cost-effective for long-term use

3d直选100%中奖绝技 Easy operation, easy maintenance

3d直选100%中奖绝技 Pressure pump overload protection, solvent bottle level alarm function





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