In food & beverage industry, the packaging often requires 
printing the expiry date, batch number, manufacturer, trademark 
or promotional message for effective marketing management, thus 
coding and marking technology is widely used in this industry. 
      The superior design of Rottweil inkjet printer fully meets 
the packaging demand, use non-contact technique and food grade 
ink, no matter the soft cake packaging or the hard pack cans, 
no matter under high temp humid conditions or under the frozen 
cold environment, the perfect print quality can all be achieved.

Rottweil Inkjet Printer,Inkjet Printer

Product advantage:




Capable of printing:

2-5 lines


Printing text:

3d直选100%中奖绝技 Batch number、production date、expiry time、promotion info、trade mark、matrix barcode, etc


For material:

Plastic、PET paper box、metal、glass、paper, etc



Packaged food、egg、beverage、canned food、flavoring、bottled drink, etc



Food grade ink, high temperature resistance, oil resistance

3d直选100%中奖绝技 Use the latest German ink system technology, stable operation

More savable consumable, low cost

3d直选100%中奖绝技 Easy operation, QWERTY int’l standard keypad

“RUN/STOP” hot key to start and stop automatically

3d直选100%中奖绝技 Ruby nozzle, durable using, best quality

Cost-effective for long-term use

Advanced technical service system and sales system  





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